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The Elect Approach to Service

At Elect Technology Management, our philosophy is simple....focus on the relationship!

Focusing on the relationship means taking time to sit down and get to know our clients, personally and professionally.  It means investing time in listening to their business goals and objectives as well as the struggles and pain points that they may be facing.

This relationship focus also extends to how we handle and treat our employees as well.  Our technicians, engineers and consultants are the face of our company and hold the service relationship and continued communications with our clients. We realize their importance as well as the importance of every relationship (customer, employee, vendor, partner, etc.) that we have, and it is our daily goal to earn and build upon those valued mutually-rewarding relationships by providing all of our services in a manner that aligns with the Christian virtues and values that we hold.  


While technology in general, as well as the support of it, can be challenging and frustrating endeavor, we believe there is a right way to provide the associated services.  We call it the "Elect" way and we look forward to providing it to you and your organization.


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