ELECT's Managed IT Services

The past several years have seen the continual growth and evolution of Managed Services Providers (MSP) inside of both the enterprise and small-to-medium (SMB) sized organizations.  The term and concept of 'Managed Services' is very broad and many companies are still unsure of the value or benefits of managed IT services and if it is right for their business.  We define Managed IT Services as a trusted partner relationship whereby Elect IT Solutions provides our client with a customized scope of technology management, monitoring and maintenance of the operational components of their IT environment.  Basically, we provide the proactive care and maintenance of the core IT systems so that you and your staff can focus on running your business.  Ultimately, our managed IT services are a strategic investment in the overall performance, productivity and success of your organization or company.



Adding Strategy to Managed Services


Most MSPs will offer the same foundational services such as monitoring, patch management, incident support, ticketing, etc.  Where we feel Elect distinguishes itself is in the ability to not only provide that oversight and maintenance of the IT systems and users, but also to walk as strategic partners with our clients, helping them with technology planning, security and compliance initiatives, and vendor/contract management.  Our Managed IT Services are done with a dual focus of stabilizing and maximizing your current IT investments as well as continually assisting your company with the strategic management of technology that allows for operational cost efficiencies and the appropriate application of technology for your business.  

Benefits of Elect's Managed IT Services


Over the past several years, we have listened to countless business owners and office managers who have expressed the same recurring frustrations with technology and IT systems in general.  Those concerns include:


      -   Controlling and forecasting costs associated with computer users and systems

      -   Cost and turnover of internal IT staff

      -   Limited knowledge range of internal staff - still need to pay for additional outside help

      -   Lack of visibility into what we have and what our systems can do

      -   Time spent away from the business operations due to handling IT issues

      -   No accountability, strategy and vision from current IT service provider - just reactive

      -   Response time to getting issues resolved

      -   Security and stability of systems

At Elect IT Solutions, we not only understand these concerns, but have the expertise and tools to remedy them in a manner that provides not only technical value, but more importantly, business value.  This business value is realized in the form of system stability, increased service levels, optimal uptime, simplifying and controlling IT costs, proactive management, offloading daily IT headaches, and most of all giving you the peace of mind and freedom to focus on your core business operations.  We have implemented proven technologies and industry best practices when it comes to the proactive monitoring, alerting and uptime of your system.  

We realize that most businesses have become increasingly dependent upon technology to do business, so minimizing downtime and the rapid resolution to incidents is an ongoing goal of our managed service's team members.  The primary benefit of partnering with Elect IT Solutions is our continual focus on the overall business relationship and making sure that our success is measured by value and return that we bring in helping you fulfill your company's mission and goals.

Features of Elect's Managed IT Services


So what are the features of our Elect's Managed IT Services that help to drive and fulfill the business benefits and value mentioned above?  Elect has invested countless hours in researching the industry's best tools and service management that allow us to provide our clients with these specific features and service areas:  


Elect realizes that each client's IT systems as well as their IT budgets are unique.   Contact us today about customizing a managed service plan that fits your business ......and your budget! 

    -   Personalized service focused on the end-user experience and overall business relationship

    -   Proactive 24/7 monitoring of network, servers, desktops and applications

    -   Patch management for servers and desktop systems

    -   Device discovery and inventory management of all IT systems

    -   Helpdesk services and ticketing system for incident management

    -   Priority response

    -   Client portal for a central respository of inventory, support documentation and tickets

    -   Onsite and remote backup management

    -   Managed security

    -   Strategic planning

Your Trusted Strategic IT Partner 


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