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Clearing the Cloud


We hear so much today about Cloud solutions and Cloud technologies, but we still get the recurring questions from people asking us what exactly is the Cloud and should they be considering it for their business?  The confusion is certainly understandable as the media hype and promotion of the Cloud depicts a world of collaboration, accessibility and user friendliness that seems almost futuristic and intimidating.  The concerns about security, protection and segmentation of business data, and the ability to run business operations during potential internet outages, have made many organization hesitant to seriously consider the Cloud as a viable option for their business.  

At Elect IT Solutions we realize that for many clients Cloud solutions and services can bring greater access to applications and storage resources at a lower cost than traditional onsite hardware/software solutions. But when does it make sense for your business and what are the questions that you should be asking as it relates to Cloud services?  Let our experienced Cloud Advisory team assist you with navigation through the Cloud scenarios and identifying what is truly best for your business.

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