ELECT's Blue Blanket IT Services™

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To provide our clients with the coverage and peace of mind that allows for a good night's sleep (just like a favorite blanket), Elect IT Solutions has created their Blue Blanket IT Service™ model that allows our clients to entrust their IT coordination and communication tasks into the hands of one of our Blue Blanket IT Services™ technology advisors.  This custom service continues the Elect approach of focusing on the relationship and gives clients the ability to have a trusted and single point of contact for IT initiatives as well as a strategic advocate that can handle both internal and external IT communications.  

A Name Inspired by Value and Military History

It was a continuous Elect mission to find a name that would properly convey the value that our clients feel in the support and coverage that this service offering brings.  Understanding the numerous parallels of protection and security that a blanket brings on a personal level, we also were mindful of  another great blanket parallel in our nation's aviation and naval history.  


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You'll love your Blue Blanket IT Service™ almost as much as he loves his!

As their dependency upon technology grows, for even the smallest of organizations, so does the effort and time absorbed in technology-related concerns.  Add to that, the everchanging complexity of technology options and the rapid saturation rate of new devices and cloud services, and it becomes very difficult for companies to successfully navigate their way through the maze that is IT support.  Elect works with each individual client to build a custom Blue Blanket service that leverages our technology experience, our knowledge of vendor and contract management, our understanding of IT support best practices and most importantly, our ability to strategically align the client's IT operations to be in concert with their business goals and operations.

The power and value of a trusted relationship is exemplied in our Blue Blanket IT Services™.  When people think of a blanket, it typically conjurs up images of warmth, protection and coverage.  Those same emotions and feelings are stimulated by the services that Elect provides under this relationship-centric offering. One of the most recurring complaints from business owners and Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) executives is the amount of time they spend dealing with the coordination of various IT-related efforts. Whether it be in selecting new hardware & software, communicating with vendors on issues and upgrades, determining the best manner of support, or ensuring the security position of their IT systems, the demand upon SMB executives is endless.

The Big Blue Blanket system was devised to protect America's naval fleet in the South Pacific during WWII and is credited with being an extremely creative and successful strategy.  The ingredients for success in that military system was effective planning, communication between American carriers and fighter planes as well as the constant overhead presence of those fighter planes.   Similarly, with Elect's Blue Blanket IT Services™, our constant presence and coordination of IT initiatives and communication brings success to your technology goals and objectives.

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